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Getting ready for winter – grit bins in Wyndford

Click map for full size image

Seeing as the last few winters have been it a bit extreme it would make sense if we tried to prepare as much as possible for this one. Some of the pavements and stairs have been so bad that going to the shops for a pint of milk seemed more like a death wish than a daily chore.

The map above shows the roads and footpaths that are gritted by the Council. The yellow squares are were grit bins should be. At the moment there are only three in the estate, as some bins are taken in after winter to avoid vandalism.

The WRA will be asking the Council to put in extra bins, especially near the Sheltered Housing, and the Garrioch Road entrance. With a bit of luck we might be able to get the council to agree to gritting more footpaths as well. Please let us know if you think there is a particular spot that needs attention, as this will help us make our case to the council department responsible. Land and Environmental Services (LES)

If your able to make it to an LES depot you can pick up 10kg(Max) of rock salt for your own use. The nearest depot is Dawsholm Recycling Centre, just past Kelvindale train station. Here a list of all the depots, and the opening hours for salt.

Glasgow City Council – Common Questions on Winter Maintenance

Frank Martin – Secretary


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