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It’s Time to Fix the Streets

Last year the WRA chose to move it’s main focus from ‘Police and Antisocial Behaviour’, to ‘Landscape & Environment’. The lighting around the estate has all been upgraded , which has made a huge improvement, but a lot of people agreed that something needed to be done about the general state of the streets and other areas.


2013-05-11 14.54.19

Members of the committee noted, and took pictures, of parts of the estate that had simply started to fall apart. Lets be blunt about this, most of it wasn’t vandalism, it was neglect.

Alasdair MacMahon personally walked the length of Wyndford to list all the repairs needed. He then prepared a detailed report for the Council and Cube Housing.  As a result Councillors and Cube have agreed to meet with residents to do a ‘walkabout’, and discuss what action will be taken next. If you want to come along, it will be held on Thursday the 24th of October, at 1pm.  See the facebook page for more info.

2013-02-05 13.03.34 2013-05-11 14.56.39 2013-05-11 15.00.20 2012-11-05 13.53.51 2012-11-05 13.40.24 2013-05-11 14.57.23 2013-01-06 09.26.49 2013-05-11 14.51.14


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